Contribute to the Mobility Revolution Camp Munich

Welcome to the program for the Mobility Revolution Camp 2023!
With our "Mobilitätswende Camp München" we want to make solidarity practice directly tangible, and we also want to create space for education, culture and networking for the climate justice movement. Utopias of a more democratic and just world are to be further developed here and put into practice. The camp will offer tents, toilets, kitchens and support structures for about 1,500 people.

This year the program will be organized decentrally.
There will be the following thematic tents, for overview only characterized with key points*:

Attac Deutschland

Actions and visions for the mobility of tomorrow -
for social and climate justice

Deaf Space

A place of sign language, contents from the deaf community

Moisés y Ghandi

Munich International

No Future for IAA

Automotive capitalism, anti-authoritarian perspectives of the climate movement, mobility, space and social inequality, right-wing enemy image of "climate socialism", anti-repression work

Smash IAA

Class struggle climate activism, working with workers, local campaigns, anti-capitalism, revolutionary perspectives

Cultural Program

Cultural education, music, performances and more

No attribution

All contributions that cannot be clearly assigned by you to one of the tents, feel free to register without assignment, there will probably be a self-managed tent as well

*we welcome feedback from you on how we can describe the tents publicly on the website, also a name for the tent.

Here you can find the link to our code of conduct.